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Do everything in your power to make you and everything around you a happy environment. Even if it means endlessly reblogging Disney and watching tangled everyday; happiness is EVERYTHING. everything.

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I hate myself. I hate how ugly I am. I hate how fat I am. I hate how I’m not good enough, for anyone. No one likes me. I’m useless.


Sumatran tiger cubs (via YouTube)

I think this is the saddest thing thats ever happened to me

đź’” on We Heart It.


Do you ever want to kiss someone, hold someone, play with their hair, get lost in their eyes, smell their perfume/cologne, cuddle with them, talk about anything and everything… But you can’t. And it kills you inside.

I’ve never felt so shit in my whole life. Lost him. Lost them. Everyone. Depression doesn’t even begin to explain.

Snow White. Number 10